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The Camping: A single sector, and in constant changing.

In the current economic context, particularly unstable, the camping sector is privileged.

Buying a Camping allows you to carry out exciting activities, in this way, making an exceptional patrimonial investment.

Tourism in Spain is an activity that provides a great long-term stability, and it is impossible to move to another country.

On the other hand, the number of available camping is Spain is small and does not increase, due to increasing legal difficulties for new creations.

This means that the value of a smartly managed camping can only grow.

Access to the profession, however, is not simple, and the purchase of a camp is always very delicate. Transactions are limited, and, there are many aspects to take into account for a successful purchase.

For this reason, most of the transactions are carried out by specialists in the sector, such as Concerto, who accompany both parties, and act as a trusted third party.

The camping sector evolves continuously, in administrative, environmental, normative or economic and commercial subjects.

For 25 years, Concerto accompanies the sector.

Observing very different realities and accompanying transactions of all kinds. From small reconversions in family camping to large investments.